About Our Club

The University of Colorado Women’s Soccer Club is one of the elite collegiate women soccer clubs in the nation. Since 1994, when the NIRSA National Championships began our club has achieved many great accomplishments.

Colorado Gold has played in 5 National Championship games, winning 3 of them. In addition to their National titles, they have finished top 8 in the country 18 of their 23 years competing for a National Title. They captured the Region V title 17 times, won the UCSB tournament 3 times, the CMC tournament twice, the Ed Chartrand Memorial tournament 4 times, and the CU Invitational 12 times.

Colorado Black was established in 2000, and they too have enjoyed success at the national level. In the Open Division of the NCCS National Championships they have 3 National Open Championship appearances, winning 1 National Open Championship. In addition, they too have a championship in the CMC Tournament and the CU Invitational.

Colorado Silver was added back to our club in 2016, after being away since 2004. They finished in the top 5 of Region V last season and will plan to improve upon that in 2018.

We wish all our teams the best of luck this upcoming season as they work to improve upon their very successful season of 2017, and even greater things in 2018.

We welcome all levels of player to our club! Please visit our website and social media pages often for more information about our club and the upcoming tryouts, or email us directly at info@cusoccer.net!


All players, new and current must sign up

Follow the link below to register for tryouts

Tryout Meeting & Tryouts

Tryout Meeting - Monday, August 27, 2018 - 5:30pm

Upstairs Conference Room in the CU Rec Center

For questions, or unable to attend, email tryouts@cusoccer.net to get missed info

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