University of Colorado Women's Soccer Club


Q: I see on the practice schedule that training begins at 4:30p, I have class that goes until 5:00p, what can I do?

A: Not to worry, players have school conflicts all the time. Just communicate your conflict to your coach and we will allow you to leave practice early or arrive late depending on your conflict. Remember, we want to help you balance school and soccer and succeed at both.

Q: I see four training days a week on the schedule, is that really how many practices a week we will have?

A: We will only train three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The reason we have four days is often a training session may have to get cancelled due to weather, a conflicting game scheduled, an extra training day is needed, etc… so we can use this 4th training day (Tuesday) as an alternative if a team needs to get a practice in. But, as mentioned above if you have any conflicts, just communicate that to your coach.

Q: How much does fundraising really cover?

A: It depends on how much effort we all put into it. There are enough fundraising options offered to our club that if we do them all, and do them all well, we could pay for our entire season.

Q: Do returning players automatically have a spot in the club the following year?

A: No, we are always looking to improve our teams and make the 3 best teams we can make. So if there is a new player that is better than a returner in our eyes, we will take them.

Q: I will be rushing a sorority during tryout time, and will have other sorority conflicts during the season. Can I still play?

A: Yes, we want to encourage any players that want to be part of a sorority or any other University organization to still play club soccer. It may seem hard to balance the both, but it really is not, and again we will work with you on any conflicts. Just let us know what your conflicts are and if we have to extend your tryout we will do so. Then during the season, if a conflict arises, just communicate with your coach and they will work with you.

Q: How competitive is playing club soccer?

A: All three teams are competitive. We are all working to win our respective games, league, tournaments, etc… throughout the season. Our expectation is that all players involved in club soccer are committed to practicing, competing, and winning a National Championship, all the while still having fun, and having time for school and yourself. It is a step above intramurals, but a step below playing for our Division I program as far as competitiveness.

Q: Do teams travel?

A: Yes, our Gold team can expect to travel to a tournament in Santa Barbara, and Regional & National Tournaments. Our Black team can expect to travel to Santa Barbara, and the National Tournament. Our Silver team can expect to travel to Irvine, CA, and regional games in Wyoming, the Western Slope of Colorado, etc…

Q: How much experience is required?

A: None. We have three levels of teams, and a practice squad during our regular season, so options for various levels of players exists. Then in the offseason we offer Winter indoor sessions, and Spring kick arounds that all levels of players are welcome to participate in as a member of our club.

Q: What happens at the Pre-Tryout Kickarounds? Does it cost money?

A: The Pre-Tryout Kickarounds will be held at Kittredge Fields this year on August 16, 18, 20 and 22 from 4:30p - 6:00p. They are purely optional and free for anyone who wants to attend. We will set up some goals, and split teams up and play. Coaches will not be evaluating players at this time, it will just be a good opportunity to get the kinks out before tryouts, and to meet some fellow players like yourself.

Q: How does the tryout process work?

A: First, find the latest tryout schedule here:

Everything starts with a player meeting on August 23rd, if you are unable to attend this meeting just email to get the information you missed. Tryouts begin on August 24th, and will go over 3 or 4 days, anywhere between 1 ½ hours to 2 hours long on the CU Athletic Grass Fields. A majority of the time will be spent playing games on our fields while coaches observe and evaluate. At the end of the tryout process you will be placed on a team and the season begins! If you are unable to make a tryout session, just communicate that to the coaching staff.

Q: Is there access to trainers and medical staff?

A: Yes, the training room in the rec center will be open starting August. 23rd from 3:00p to 8:00p throughout the year, free to all club soccer players. We also have additional medical resources for any of your athletic injuries (knees, concussion, general medical, etc…). The head trainer for women soccer is, Samantha Yanker.

Q: Where does the club practice and play its games?

A: We train and play our games right on campus on the CU Athletic Practice Fields. Go directly North of the Folsom Field football stadium, down the hill, and the fields are right there. We have one grass and one turf field at this location along with lights for evening games. This is also where tryouts are being held

Q: Does the schedule conflict with CU Football games?

A: When the Fall tryout, training, and game schedules for the season start getting made we do all we can to avoid conflicting with home football games. At times a conflict is unavoidable, but we do all we can so that players can still get to home football games.